From fresh fruit to packaged pomegranate arils

In the ArilSystem production line, pomegranates undergo several stages of processing:

The pre-curing phase

To improve the efficiency of the Pomegranate Aril Extraction Process, fresh-picked fruit should be cured for a few days under shade before being introduced into the ArilSystem deseeding line.

The Pomegranate Reception

As the first step in the deseeding process, pomegranates enter the ArilSystem Receiving Line pool, which also serves as a disinfection unit. Here it is washed to remove surface dirt, disinfected, and brushed while washed in hot water. Now that the whole fruit is on a conveyor, it is ready to enter the ArilSystem machine in the main work room where the air is filtered and the temperature and pressure are controlled.

Extraction of pomegranate arils

A clean fruit is conveyed to the Extraction Line, where the skin is scored, the fruit is gently opened, and the pomegranate arils are extracted with air and water. Pomegranate arils are immersed in a pool of cold water, and all other elements of the fruit are washed away.

The conveyor system

A conveyor system transports the shells and membranes to a collection bin, followed by gentle conveying of the arils to the final stage.

The drying process

The extracted arils, which are removed from all other fruit parts and left untouched and washed, are now dewatered by air-blown fans. With this step, the ArilSystem process ends, yielding high-quality, long-lasting arils.

The packaging

Packing lines are optional add-ons to the ArilSystem, becoming integral parts of its operation. Pomegranate arils are packed in containers with perforated plastic coverings, which allow the arils to breathe but prevent oxygen from getting inside. The result is a package that displays the sparkling red arils attractively, is ready for market, and has a relatively long shelf life.

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