Began in 2003 as a Juran led cooperative European/Israeli project aimed at addressing the issue of pomegranate aril extraction.

Juran Technologies joined forces with the Agricultural Engineering Institute of the Israel Ministry of Agriculture to explore the feasibility of automating aril extraction. Their aim was to produce an industrial capacity production line that would bring this super-healthy fruit to consumers while helping farmers and manufacturers realize its huge and varied market potential.

Juran Technologies

Juran is a world leader in the design and development of innovative machinery and processes for agricultural, industrial, and food processing applications.  

Juran innovations impacting the food industry range from revolutionizing the freezing process, through enhancing dehydration methods, to groundbreaking automation.

With over 50 years experience, operating on 5 continents and providing unparalleled service and customer support, Juran Technologies promotes enhanced productivity around the world.

Peleg 2MB
Smulik 2MB

Ofer Juran

General Manager

Avner Galili

Marketing Director

Zvi Juran


Peleg Juran

Purchasing & Logistics

Shmuel Gal


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