The Development of ArilSystem™ for Pomegranate Arils Extraction

The initiator and driver behind the development of ArilSystem is Juran Metal Works Ltd., a world leader in the design and development of innovative machinery and processes for industrial, agricultural and food processing applications.

The project of the pomegranate arils separator begun in the year 2000 through European-Israeli cooperation. Business, R&D and government organizations joined forces to explore the feasibility of an automatic production method for extracting pomegranate arils for use in a range of industries – fresh-cut, juice, and pharmaceutics. The project leaders contributing their mechanical and engineering skills were the Israeli Agricultural Engineering Institute (IAEI) and Juran Metal Works.

pomegranate aril extractor

The results were arrived at through years of development during which various concepts were tried and discarded until eventually the core concept for the new system took shape. The primary aim – to develop a technology that would significantly reduce labor requirements while increasing production efficiency, hygiene and profitability – posed no small challenge. The project’s happy conclusion was a pomegranate processing technology that combines creative concept with mechanical ingenuity and know-how, cost-effectively bringing the general public the world’s healthiest fruit – the pomegranate.

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