Pomegranate processing industry worldwide

Numerous ArilSytems have been installed in countries worldwide including in the United States, South Africa, India, Chile, Peru, Israel, Spain, Greece, Italy, Australia, China, Japan and more. Below are a few success stories.

pomegranate machine


Following 4 years of successful run-in operation in the US, Turkey, Israel and Spain, ArilSystems were installed by a number of Spanish companies. Frutibon, subsidiary of Spanish fruit marketing company Bonnysa, is operating its own ArilSystem. Altabix is operating two ArilSystem production lines for Spanish fresh-cut market leader, Bakkavor Iberica, a major supplier to Marks & Spencer and Comagra for frozen arils.


  • Indian company Fresh Acres has added pomegranates to its line of food products. From a single ArilSystem production line, it is processing 28 fruits per minute and handling some 600 kg of fruit per hour with a yield of over 200 kg of high-quality seeds every hour. Fresh Acres exports their fresh pomegranate arils throughout Europe and Canada.
  • Indian company Amit Pomeg-Tech is well positioned to meet the growing demand for a better tasting, better quality pomegranate juice after installing two ArilSystem production lines, each handling 20 fruits per minute.


A large order from Japan for the compact ArilSystem juicing machine is aimed at supplying juice to restaurants and hotels seeking a pure, better tasting pomegranate juice. Minimizing the bitter taste of tannins characteristic of juicers that do not separate out the peel and membrane parts, juice produced from the ArilSystem has a definite competitive edge.


ArilSystems have been installed in Australia allowing operators to command a better price per kilogram of arils, while offering the growing number of consumers worldwide a superior product.
In addition to these examples of ArilSystems in action, there are many more systems in operation around the world. See our Global Presence page for a map of locations.

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