Uses of the pomegranate and market potential

Growing awareness of the remarkable health benefits of the pomegranate, coupled with increased awareness and concern for personal health and healthy eating habits, are now propelled by the introduction of ArilSystem – a system for fast, commercial volume, high quality and cost-effective extraction of the juice-filled arils from the pomegranate. Pomegranates are being incorporated into a wide variety of products from food to cosmetics, each generating a growing market niche.

The fresh-cut food market is today’s most prolific beneficiary of ArilSystem. Pomegranate arils, attractively packaged and with a longer shelf-life than ever before, are now a regular feature on supermarket shelves. Consumers use them as a tasty addition to cooked meals, a beautiful garnish and a feature in gourmet dishes.

Pomegranate juice, now tastier than ever due to ArilSystem’s separation of the arils from all other fruit parts, is rapidly growing in popularity. Served up in restaurants and featured on supermarket shelves, juice manufacturers are increasingly purchasing pomegranate arils, or ArilSystems to produce their own.

A new line of pomegranate wine has also generated interest with its unique flavor and health benefits.

The small hard seeds left over after the arils are juiced, contain nourishment-rich oils brimming with antioxidants and highly prized for use in the cosmetics industry in skin lotions and anti-aging creams.

As medical research uncovers more health benefits from pomegranate extracts, the pharmaceutics industry is increasingly using it as a medicinal ingredient.


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