More Health Benefits of the Pomegranate

A natural alternative to HRT In light of questions regarding possible health risks associated with Hormone Replacement Therapy, the pomegranate has been gaining popularity for treatment of menopausal symptoms. The pomegranate contains estrone, a natural estrogen that is also produced by the human body. According to laboratory studies, pomegranate extract improved menopausal symptoms of depression and bone loss.

A natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent The pomegranate has also been shown to possess anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, while the bark of the pomegranate tree and root have been used in traditional medicine to eliminate tapeworms.

Who knows what additional health benefits yet to be discovered are hidden within this remarkable fruit. The pomegranate, a gift of nature, is now more readily available to everyone through the ArilSystem, today’s vehicle for delivering the health benefits of the pomegranate.