Juran Products – Agriculture

For the grower

Roboticar is a multi-purpose assistant that self-navigates around the greenhouse, carrying loads far beyond what workers could manage.

Intellicar is a mobile workstation that not only self-navigates around the greenhouse conveying heavy loads, but can also carry out a variety of procedures from planting to tying and picking at heights of up to 3.5 meters.

Watermelon Harvester and De-Seeder consists of a rake that collects the melons in the field into neat rows, and a pick-up that delivers them to the thresher which slices them and extracts the seeds.

The Great Girdler is a simple, yet sophisticated tool for increasing fruit tree output without the risk of tree damage incurred by traditional girdling and without the need for skilled girdlers.

Flock Management System for the sorting and vaccination of live fowl, consists of a conveyor that automatically weighs and sorts by size, helping breeders produce and market flocks of uniform size.

Hex-Air Management System – One of Juran’s packing house solutions, this is a sorting, counting and packing system that can handle asymmetrical and symmetrical flower bulbs, as well as strawberry plants, leaves, shoots and cactus leaves with equal ease, streamlining packing and sorting operations.