Customer Support

Juran Metal Works Ltd. is known for its dedicated service and customer support. With products aimed at streamlining operations, Juran also provides customized solutions that meet unique needs.

 Every Juran product order goes through a programmed set of stages to ensure best results:

  • Initial planning is aimed at understanding and meeting the client’s specific needs
  • Engineered planning and design of every item in the project is meticulously carried out
  • Technical planning and design of all systems – mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic, and so on
  • Production and final assembly Once the system is carefully manufactured and shipped, the Juran team assembles it at the customer site
  • Run-in All equipment and processes are carefully tested and trial operated to ensure smooth operation.
  • Follow-up customer support  Every customer is given guidance and instruction in the operation and maintenance of their equipment.

 Wherever in the world the Juran customer may be, they will enjoy the company’s full service. Every turnkey project is only declared complete once the systems are up and running and the customer is confident in taking over its continued operation. And even then, the Juran team is always on hand to consult, advise and help solve any problems.

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