ArilSystem Pomegranate Deseeder Benefits

ArilSystem Pomegranate Separation Benefits

 Until now commercial aril extraction methods were inefficient, unhygienic, and costly. The ArilSystem revolution has turned these results on their head. Now commercial extraction of pomegranate arils is highly efficient, nearly untouched by human hands, and offers a range of new benefits besides.

Efficientpomegranate extract arils
Traditionally, an experienced worker peels and extracts the seeds of 25kg of pomegranates in an 8 hour shift. About 20% of each pomegranate’s arils are damaged in the process. Now, ArilSystem pomegranate separation works at 95% efficiency – only 2-3% of arils are damaged while peeling and extracting the seeds of up to 250kg of pomegranates per hour!

Until now, every pomegranate was individually handled by a worker. ArilSystem Pomegranate Deseeder System requires only minimal intervention of just 2 workers to process up to 250kg of pomegranates per hour. The important result is a cleaner product with a longer shelf life.

Far Tastier
Consumers seeking to boost their health by buying and drinking pomegranate juice have until now been rewarded with a rather bitter taste. This is due to the tannins in the pomegranate membranes. ArilSystem separates out all other fruit parts so that beverages are produced from a clean batch of juicy arils alone. This greatly improves the flavor of the pomegranate juice making it highly enjoyable, while wine produced from ArilSystem Pomegranate Deseeder extracted seeds is a rare treat.

More Profitable
Pomegranate ari
l products have traditionally been labor intensive, involving fruit damage and waste, and therefore costly to produce, while the resulting product was bitter and had a relatively short shelf life.

ArilSystem Pomegranate Deseeder enables a highly accelerated production rate with minimal labor, making it far more cost effective. The resulting product is high quality, hygienic, with excellent taste and longer shelf life, and fetches an attractive market price.

The bottom line is, with ArilSystem pomegranate separators you get fast ROI and pomegranate products that are cost effectively produced for a wide range of markets, from fresh–cut to pharmaceutical, beverages to cosmetics.