ArilSystem – Technical Specifications

ArilSystem Technical Specifications:


•         Size: ArilSystem requires a minimum of 250 square meters

•         Production capacity: Original model processes16-20 fruit per minute, 150-250 kg of arils per hour; improved models process up to 600kg per hour.

•         Extraction efficiency: 92%-95% of arils extracted whole and undamaged.

•         Required manpower: 2 workers per ArilSystem line (i.e. per extractor)

•         Air compressor: 180 CFM; Air pressure: 7 bar (per extractor), oil-free dry air per FDA regulations

•         Electricity: 16 KW per line, 40 KW per compressor (per extractor),       3-phase

•         Water supply: Water-drain inlet capacity: 4.5 cubic meters per hour per line; fresh water supply pressure: 3 to 4 atmospheres

Juran, the developer of ArilSystem, continues to improve and upgrade its products, which in turn continue to improve clients’ profitability. Based on its extensive experience and hands-on knowhow, the Juran team adapts the ArilSystem production line to meet individual customer needs.