Innovation for the Food Industry

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Getting the juicy seeds out of pomegranates is now automated!

Releasing the power of the pomegranate. Unleashing huge market potential.

The pomegranate is bursting with healthful, curative powers. Now, with ArilSystem, the new labor-saving automated method for extracting arils, the pomegranate is bursting onto the market, rapidly gaining popularity in the fresh-cut, health food, and beverage sectors as well as pharmaceutics and cosmetics. ArilSystem means fast ROI while bringing the world the health benefits of the pomegranate.

Juran Metal Works Ltd.
Innovations for the agriculture and food industries

Juran Metal Works designs and develops innovations for the agricultural and food processing industries, from revolutionizing the freezing process, through enhancing dehydration methods, to groundbreaking automation. With over 40 years experience, activities on 5 continents and unparalleled service and customer support, Juran promotes enhanced productivity around the world. 

Pomegranates are described as one of the newest “super foods” (i.e. sources of concentrated vitamins and anti-oxidants). With the growing trends in consumption of super foods in their raw and processed form, investment in pomegranates can provide a great return.

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