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red liquid splash pomegranate juice The growing awareness of personal health in general and of the amazing healthful properties of the pomegranate in particular, has created a lucrative market niche. Now that arils can be viably commercially extracted, high profits reward those entering this rapidly growing market for pomegranate products.

Beverage manufacturers are pleased to use arils produced by ArilSystem since it allows them to produce a better tasting juice.

A new line of wines produced from ArilSystem pomegranate arils has entered the market with remarkable flavor and added health benefits.

Cosmetics & Pharmaceutics
Beverage manufacturers will find they have an extra source of income from the arils squeezed for juice. The remaining aril seeds are a rich source of oil which is a valuable ingredient for anti-aging creams and medicines.

Attractively packaged and having a long shelf-life, pomegranate arils are rapidly growing in popularity in the fresh-cut market as a health food, a gourmet ingredient and a beautiful garnish.

Bringing producers a higher price on the world market than ever before due to the superior quality of the product, ArilSystem not only brings health to consumers, it brings tremendous opportunity to investors.

pomegranate products

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