Accessing the Pomegranate

The pomegranate is a gift of nature, featured throughout history not only as a revered delicacy, but even as a decorative element. Adding beauty to tables, drawings and book illustrations, the fruit is unique with its crown and ruby red seeds.

Despite remarkable health benefits and attractive appearance, the pomegranate has not enjoyed popular use due to the time, effort, and mess involved in accessing its juicy seeds, or arils. In today’s modern hurry-up world, with its emphasis on convenience and its growing awareness for personal health, the fresh-cut market is gaining ground. Pomegranate seeds are an ideal candidate for this market.

There have been attempts at commercial extraction of arils for the food market, but these have proved to be labor-intensive, inefficient and costly.

Juran has taken up the challenge and developed ArilSystem™, today’s best pomegranate deseeder and a significant innovation addressing a real need. By offering an efficient, hygienic and cost-effective method of extracting the seeds of the pomegranate, ArilSystem now makes the benefits of the pomegranate accessible to the general public and highly profitable for those who bring it to market.

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