About Aril System

The super pomegranate seed extractor!

ArilSystem™ is nothing less than a revolution in bringing the pomegranate, this fabulously health-rich fruit, into the food market and onto people’s plates. Producing in one hour, more than ten times the amount previously produced by a worker in 8 hours, ArilSystem™ makes extracting arils not only cost-effectively labor-saving and fast, but also produces a tastier, more hygienic, and generally superior product than ever before possible.

ArilSystem was developed by Juran Metal Works Ltd. in cooperation with the Agricultural Engineering Institute of the Israel Ministry of Agriculture.

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  1. If I want establish pomegranate juice plant small type in my area but I have zero knowledge about plz can u explain its new start up I m waiting for your reply

    And can we talk in private number email etc

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